A Guidebook to Writing Abstracts

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Summarising an entire study in a few hundred words that give a clear yet concise overview covering all important aspects of the study is no easy task. That is what an abstract seeks to accomplish. With that, how would you go about deciding which pieces of information to include, the appropriate words and phrases to use in conveying such information effectively, and how to best organise and structure the information given in a coherent and cohesive manner? The Five-Move Framework for Writing Abstracts, a comprehensive and detailed framework providing the structural foundations of an abstract one section at a time. Each major move in this framework is thoroughly described and elaborated upon in this guidebook, with relevant and practical examples given from high quality journal articles to further illustrate each move. This guidebook aims to not only help writers who find abstract writing challenging and who may be relatively new to academic writing, but also authors, researchers, and instructors interested in the area of writing abstracts as a genre, whether for reference, extensive research, or pedagogical purposes.

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